Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Art Out Loud 5

So I got a last minute invite to attend the Art Out Loud event held this past Saturday at the Society of Illustrators. This event had special guest artist Klaus Janson (a great guy and former teacher of mine), Paolo Rivera and Mike Oeming. These guys spent more than 4 hours just doing their thing in front of about 50 aspiring and professional artists. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I was too interested in the "experience" to take more photos, but those should give you an idea of the setup and vibe.

I got to watch Klaus work on World War Hulk issue #3 pages. The John Romtia Jr. pencils were sick on their own, but watching Klaus ink them was a thing of beauty.

Standing over Oeming's shoulder and watching him bust out 3, yes 3 Powers pages, including a double page spread!

And the incredible digital tutorial Paolo gave was insane. It was like he was sculpting with color in photoshop. I've never seen anything like it. Paolo also showed us how he makes sculpts of his characters for ref when doing a story. Talk about some serious prep work!

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hxero said...

I wish we have that kind of event here...