Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Early this year I was ask by a friend (Travis Johnson) to apply for a job drawing comics for his company, Booz Allen Hamilton. He was cool enough to ask me because we've worked together before and the experience was a very good one. As it turned out, I got the job and this experience was just like the prior ones.

The job was to do 5pg short stories that could be used as training comics for their employees. It started out as a black and white job, but they liked it enough to ask for me to color them as well. Once the color was done everyone was so pleased they wanted to do a flash version of the first story.

This is one of the main projects I've worked on this year. It's also one of the reason I've not keen able to keep up with my updates, lol. This keep me pretty busy for a few months and that's with all of the great help I had. I have to thanks Stephan, Sean and Rick from Across the pond studios - Sean colored the cover, Rick inked stories 1 and 3, and Stephan helped me get it all done in a smooth timely manner. I also have to give thanks to a new friend from over seas, Rin Burch - for doing the color flats for all 3 stories. It was out of the blue that she contacted me asking for the opportunity to do flats, a few weeks before I landed this job. I have to say I'm very greatful that she did.

I've been allowed to put up the artwork on my site provided I remove all copy, as it's for internal use only. You can view all of the pages and the flash file in my gallery section, under the comics heading.


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