Tuesday, November 27, 2007


OH BOY!!!! Here we go. This is the first of many, many posts about this upcoming Batman Strikes issue. Batman Strikes ISSUE # 42, again that's ISSUE # 42, is set to hit the stands on Feb 13th 2008. It's written by my good friend Stephan Nilson, penciled by my buddy Andie Tong, and inked by one of my mentors Rob Stull. For those of you who don't know these names, look them up! These are 3 very talented guys whom I respect and work with whenever possible. It seemed to be sheer luck that they all wound up on this book that is very special to me.

Why is it so special to me you ask? We'll I'm still not sure I can say yet, but I can say that I am involved with this issue and that you should get ready to buy every copy you can get your hands on! I've also been told more info should be out tomorrow in the February issue of Previews. You can get that at your LCS (local comic shop). Once I see what they say in Previews, and after I talk to some more people, I'll see when I can tell you what's up. It could be as soon as tomorrow!

In the meantime, here is a little nugget of heaven I found online that I can share with you now. Pay special attention to the cover image of the book. It holds the key to my excitement! Enjoy!



P.S. I've never ordered from this place, so order at your own risk. I'll find another spot as well as check this place out.

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