Sunday, December 03, 2006

10/18 – NYC Big Apple Con Part2

I got up on this Saturday morning, in no hurry mind you, and got ready for the Con. I had some coffee and eggs, watched the news, and then got my prints and supplies ready. I think the con started around 10 and I aimed to get there at 10:30, but I walked in at about 11:30 or so. I was running late but I didn’t care, lol. I was tired and moving slow, so I was just happy I made it there. I was excited to go mind you, but more for the opportunity to just chill and draw then anything else. It’s always dope to draw around other artists. I went to up to the table and dropped off my stuff. I hadn’t eaten much and since it wasn’t too busy I rolled out to grab something to snack on. I figured it would be best to go now before it got busy.

When I came back I set up shop and started to do some sketches. I did quite a few and had a good time just drawing. It’s been awhile since I’ve just sat and drew something for fun so that was real cool. I had my prints on the wall and the originals on the table.

Khary had a nice setup and was doing pretty well as always. He was pretty booked with sketch commissions and sold a few pages while I was there. Cha ching! A few people who we knew stopped by to say what up, and there were others who came by just to give props. I did two quick pencil sketches for some fans before I bounced out early around three.

Before I took off, while I was standing out side, I saw Travis Charest taking a break. I didn’t want to bother him, but his line was insane upstairs and I was about to leave so I holla’d at him. I only talked to him for a few moments, but he’s a big inspiration to me so it made the whole con well worth it.

Two of the sketches I did at this con will go up for auction on eBay soon. One is of Batman, the other is a drawing of a woman titled “The Hot Chick”. Both were done using pen and ink, as well as markers for shading. Each one is in a 5x7 frame, one black one mahogany. Each will start at $10. I’ll put up more info in the store section when they are ready for auction.

When I got home from the Con I did some more work on the freelance animation gig I’ve mentioned from time to time. Still high off the buzz from the talent at the con I really got into what I was doing on it. I can’t show you anything yet, but hold tight…wait for it. ☺


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