Saturday, November 11, 2006

FanBoy Moment

Ok, I'm nerdin it up on this one. This past week on 11/06 I went to the LOST signing at Toys R Us in Times SQ. It was great! I met Todd McFarlane(Comic god!), Jorge Garcia(Hurley) and Bryan Burke(Producer). To get access to the signing you had to buy a LOST Hatch set. I the proceeded to get that signed to add to my collection. Also it's only one per person, 200 people max, and I still ended up with 3 signed Hatch box sets. One Is open and on display at my job with the other figures I have. I had them sign the back drop of that one so it's displayed with the signatures. The other 2 are signed and still in the boxes. YEA!

It's funny cuz Todd seemed supprised to find out that the back drop( the one I took out of the box to have them sign) was folded, in essence, backwards. He asked me " Why is it folded like this"? My reply was " That's how it came in the box". He then turned to someone behind him and asked "Why is this folded like this"? It was classic. I doubt he had ever seen it out the box. I wonder if they will correct that on future sets. If you happen to buy a hatch set that has the back drop rolled up with the plain cardboard on the outside you'll know they did.

At this point I felt like I threw a stone in Todd's pond, but then I realized I didn't throw the stone, I just pointed it out to him, LOL. I could have made matters worse by tellin him how much I enjoyed my Locke figure. That in and of it's self is no problem, but the fact that Toys R us put the toys out a week early is. I was lucky enough to grab Locke before they pulled them off the shelf. A fact I doubt Todd knew at the time. :)

As You can see I also got to take a picture with the trio. I took some pics of the toys as well. The figures them selves are really done well. They each some with a little piece relevant to the show. Charlie for example comes with a Drive Shaft ring. I only have 4 of the 7 piece set. I'll most likely go back for Hurley and Kate. If get Shannon it will be just to complete the set. I hated Shannon.

Well that's enough Nerd Boy for now. My weekly dose of LOST is on hold until Feb, and so is my FanBoy status.


Khery said...

Heyy lucky you! I wish I could have gone. Anyway I was lucky to get a Jack figure bought by a friend and am already enjoyinh it, it´s awesome, isn´t it?

Looking fordward to get the hatch!

Ps: great work what you do!

Khery said...

Oh, I forgot, I´m Kery, frpm the toys board ;)

Pleased to meet you.